Photography Links for The Week of 14 October 2011

So this week we have advice on what to be put on your website, a questions about what can you achieve when you’re intimate with your subjects, interview with Matt Weber question whether do we still needs photobooks or not and many more.

One thought on “Photography Links for The Week of 14 October 2011

  1. Molo7 Photo Agency and the network Bedoon Rights started up the crowd funding campaign for a humanitarian photo project, “Bedoon”. I hope you’ll help us.

    The project wants to document the human rights situation of Kuwait’s stateless community. This dramatic social issue is one of the less reported in the Arab world.

    What we need now is to raise, through this crowd funding campaign, € 5.000, that’s the amount that we need for covering the expenses of the project (the trip to Kuwait and a double exhibition, in Italy and Us). For return you’ll get regular updates from the work in progress. We also offer extra rewards for big contributions.

    Could you help me to make known the crowd funding campaign for my humanitarian photo project, “Bedoon”? The deadline for supporting the project is 30 June 2012.
    Thanks to all! Antonio Tiso

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